There should be another way to install Sims3Packs!

Ugh! I really hate the Sims 3 Launcher. It is very hard to install Sims3Packs especially after the patch from December. They don't install. You have to do a work around to get them to work.

I was in a major hurry to play with Create a World that I didn't backup most of my files. Ooops! I totally learned my lesson to ALWAYS backup game files no matter what! I wish there was a Clean Installer for Sims 3. That's badly needed. Sure, I could use the 3Viewer, but it doesn't look like it's supported. Any suggestions?
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Sims 3 and Sims 2 stuff...

With all the problems that Sims 3 is having, I'm so contemplating going back to Sims 2. It never caused me stress during patches! EAxis, why don't you make quality patches anymore for your games. Sure, there were problems with patches in Sims 2, but it wasn't THIS bad.

Sigh. :(

Anyway, it's my birthday. I'm turning the big 37! Wow! :D I'm hoping for an IPod Touch or a Nintendo DSi or something like that. Still, anything that I receive today will be just as good. :D