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Reposting - Save Parsimonious!

Originally posted by brilliantcat at Reposting - Save Parsimonious!
Parsimonious, a free site with tons of Sims 1, Sims 2 and Sims 3 custom content is in financial trouble. You can help them out by filling in a survey that will take about 1 minute of your time. Please help them out so that they don't have to close!

Link to Parsimonious. Link to survey is in that first post.

Reposted from several of my friends, the more people this gets out to, the better.  I took the survery myself.  It requires no identifying information and is super-quick.  I'd hate for Parsimonious to have to close; despite some of their wackier creations I really do like their content and it's all free.

I wanted to bring this to the attention of my fellow Simmers since I would hate to see a great site close!
Tags: sims 2, sims3

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