erinmblair (erinmblair) wrote,

Kenner Legacy 1.0

(Leanna was made by the wonderful katu_sims for the Founder Challenge 3 at legacy_writers.)


Leanna Kenner was new to Strangetown, Simsfornia. She moved there from Katu City (as she was originally made by katu_sims for Founder Challenge 3 at legacy_writers) hoping to stake her claim on a house in Strangetown. She thought of other cities in Simsfornia, like Belladonna Cove, Pleasantview, and even in a suburb like Bluewater Village until finding a cheap house in Strangetown.


Her welcome party consisted of Peter Morrison and Linda Hill (whose home business is starting to take off). She got the idea from Linda to start her own business called Hair for All. She recently hired three employees to take care of her establishment.




One day, she decided to look in her telescope to look into the telescope and then, she got abducted by aliens. "Oh, my GOD! Don't take me!" was basically her reaction. Still, she enjoyed it.


After eating a lunch meat sandwich, she ran to her tiny bathroom to throw up. She had a feeling that the aliens got her pregnant. She heard stories from her parents that it was only the men that were/are supposed to get pregnant with alien babies. Not true. (I have a hack that makes it happen to females, as well.)

After speeding up her pregnancy (I didn't feel like going through her entire pregnancy), Leanna gave birth to natural twins, Luke and Lisa.




Leanna Kenner

Aspiration: Fortune

Sloppy/Neat 6
Shy/Outgoing 5
Lazy/Active 8
Serious/Playful 3
Grouchy/Nice 3

Turn Ons: Blonde hair; brown hair.
Turn Off: Stinky

Children: Lisa and Luke
Tags: kenner legacy

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