January 15th, 2010


There should be another way to install Sims3Packs!

Ugh! I really hate the Sims 3 Launcher. It is very hard to install Sims3Packs especially after the patch from December. They don't install. You have to do a work around to get them to work.

I was in a major hurry to play with Create a World that I didn't backup most of my files. Ooops! I totally learned my lesson to ALWAYS backup game files no matter what! I wish there was a Clean Installer for Sims 3. That's badly needed. Sure, I could use the 3Viewer, but it doesn't look like it's supported. Any suggestions?
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The Newbies in Sims 3

I was going through my Sims 3 photos and I thought my fellow Simmers would love this: a photo of Bob Newbie and Betty Simovitch (later Newbie) as teens. They are the future Brandi Broke's parents. ;)