September 26th, 2006


I know. I know...

I know. I know I haven't posted lately. I was busy -- ah, with a cool forum that I am totally addicted. It's so safe and there's no haters which is WONDERFUL in my book! I would like thank Krystal and Sabrina for creating a totally addicting forum! :D

What I am working on now:

My third shippy music video. (I made two in 2004 which I never posted.) This time I want to try to use shippy clips and everything. I also made a new fanart which is right here: Collapse )

As for stories, I haven't forgotten the work-in-progresses: "Essential Moments," "Ripple," and other projects that I have mentioned to a few people. :) I know there are more fanfics that I still need to post.

I was saddened to learn that Anderson Avenue is closed. I LOVE the gallery. It was the best to feature pics that were very rare to me! Especially the 97 GG pics. I hope Claudia will send the pics to -- it would be sad if they're lost for good.