August 8th, 2006


My X-Filesy Vacation to Santa Cruz

I'm back from Santa Cruz (got back on Sunday, August 6th) -- boy, it was fun! :D It was kind of X-Filesy. When I got to the Super 8 motel -- two blocks from the Boardwalk -- I turned on the TV to see the X-Files -- "Je Souhaite" episode. Boy, Mulder and Scully are so HOT. :D

On Saturday, I went to Borders downtown Santa Cruz, I found the Psychologies Magazine from the UK that has Gillian Anderson on the cover! Of course, I snapped it up and bought it! When I came home, I found David Duchovny in the Parade Magazine! Wow! :D

I guess I was thinking X-Files all vacation long. Probably from the moment that we passed through San Francisco on the way to Santa Cruz, I thought of Hummbugg's San Francisco series.